Welcoming a goodbye

Welcoming a goodbye

Hello health Champions!

Welcome to our brand new site with our new name and new look! It is awesome to have you here and I am glad that you have transitioned with us from the awesome club that was “A slice of health” to our new home @taboodoctor

A few of you reached out to discuss the new name, some of you also were inclined to unfollow on instagram because you didn’t recognise our new name! So glad you didn’t leave us behind. Branding is important and we @taboodoctor want a name that clearly defines what we do best; ‘answering health questions you had been too afraid to ask’.

On this week’s episode I spoke to the phenomenal multi award winning journalist ‘Angela Saini‘ who shared insights from her book Superior as we explore how racism finds expression in health research. I hope you enjoy the episode.

Over the past year, we have had candid conversations, we laughed, cried and consumed several cups of coffee together as we discussed the issues facing our loved ones and ourselves in healthcare. I have shared my stories with you and you have shared yours with me, it’s been great building this community. As we continue this awesome journey, please ensure you don’t do it alone! Bring someone along for the ride, pour a cup of coffee and talk about aspects of the show which you enjoyed.

But most importantly slice health fact from health fiction by being a health champion wherever you go!

With much gratitude,

The Taboo Doctor!!


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