Pregnancy loss and Miscarriage with Tito Idakula

Pregnancy loss and Miscarriage with Tito Idakula

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When the I sat as the Taboo doctor sat down with Tito Idakula to discuss infant loss, miscarriages and her mission to raise awareness, I did not realise what a baptism it would be. Not just the actual tears shed during the episode but also the renewed mindset that we left with after our discussion.

Tito Idakula was a guest on my YouTube podcast, The Taboo Doctor, this week and she shared how she became a champion for women by creating The Healing Cradle and how her own experience of infant loss triggered this movement.

Here are a few essential points for discussion regarding miscarriage, still, you will need to watch it to absorb the emotions and information.

Men’s hearts break too

Men also feel when their female partners lose a pregnancy or an infant. Although their emotional responses may not be as visually and verbally visible, deep hurting does occur. Tito helps us to explore these emotions.

Facts don’t always offer consolation

The UK statistics suggest that one in eight pregnancies end in miscarriage while USA statistics indicate the number is 20% and higher due to missed miscarriages. Tito discusses why this does not always offer comfort and why this may not be the most appropriate consolation to offer when supporting a friend.

Abortion loss counts too

We explored the controversial subject of abortion. We explore how emotions people after abortion and Tito shares from her personal experience and her experience of counselling others on how moving forward and acknowledging the past can create a bridge to healing and living for the future.


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