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Our Team

What Are We?

Welcome to the Taboo Doctor! 

Where we answer the health questions that you have been too afraid to ask. We are keen to demystify all health topics which had previously been termed as taboo.

We do this in three distinct ways;

1. by keeping you informed of important health topics

2. engaging in candid health chat 

3. Listening to your own health stories


By keeping to these principles our Mission is;

To turn you into a health champion wherever you go, as you slice health fact away from fiction

We officially launched in November 2019 as “A Slice of Health” with our inaugural podcast episode “Is fibromyalgia a real illness”, since then then we have continued to ask challenging questions about health and explore the inequities that lead to poorer health outcomes in black communities in the UK and beyond. 


We evolved to ” Taboo doctor” in October 2020 when we realised that we needed a brand name that said  exactly what we do and how we do it. 


We hope you join us for this exciting ride! Subscribe to our newsletter and various social media platforms, and tell a friend to tell a friend. The revolution is coming and it will not be silent