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It’s not a race but here are the winners 

Here are our top 3 episodes! Over 2000 downloads suggest you’ll love them too

A few things we are great at


Candid health chat, no topic is off the table. We are keen on speaking about a diverse range of issues especially those that haven’t previously been discussed openly


We are keen to creating safe, open spaces and this involves treating eachother graciously even when we disagree about subjects which can sometimes be polarising

No Silence

The culture of silence is one we are keen to avoid. We hope that by intentionally talking about these subjects, you will be empoered to have such chats with family, friends and your health care workers

Lifelong learning

The reasearch on health and wellness is ever evolving, and we are commited to learning too. By having recurrenet conversations we remain humble and teachable allowing others to share thier own stories too.

The Secret of Success

With listeners in over four continents and 15 countries our principles remain simple and consistent


Change starts when we listen to each other and we do that well here


We are keen on speaking up for those who have suffered health inequalities especially in the black community

Safe Spaces

we aim create a platform where everyone feels safe to share thier own stories


We don’t accept that anything is taboo, we talk about it to understand better. The outcome is not always to agree but to understand 

Our Guests

Here are some of the amazing people we have featured on the show

Dr Leen Tannous

GP and health influencer

Jo Okeleke

Prescribing Clinical Pharmacist

Angela Saini

World renowned author and science journalist

Tamara Aihie

Writer and brodcaster

Mr Andrew Fola-Alalade

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Dr Adebola Adisa

General Practitioner and author

Dr Nitu Bajekal

Consultant Gynaecologist

Dr Olamide Craig

GP and Relationship Expert

Dr Nadine Thornhill

Sex educator and Doctor of Education

Yeside Olayinka-Agbola (Olori Coitus)

Certified Sexual Health Educator

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